Hello, I'm Emma! I’m a degree-qualified Human Resources professional dedicated to helping people confidently and successfully kick their career goals! I’ve worked in various public sector departments for over ten years, as well as a two-year stint in the corporate world in London, so I have a wide scope of experience in areas such as education, vocational training, construction, retail/sales, administration, legal and employment relations.

I founded Prospect Resumes after my experiences in recruiting as an HR Consultant identified that many applicants are missing the mark at the first hurdle when it comes to selling their worth to prospective employers. As a result, in this highly competitive job market, these applicants are unfortunately being looked over time and again for an interview that could secure that longed-for new job or promotion.

I understand that it can be really hard to talk yourself up. You might not have the confidence to communicate how amazing you really are, or you’re simply too busy and overwhelmed at the thought of all the work that’s involved with applying for your dream job.
You might have been out of the workforce for a while, looking for a career change, advancement or you’re a recent graduate looking to finally get a foot in the door and for an employer to just give you a chance. So how can you stand out from the crowd?

That’s where I come in! I genuinely want to help and it gives me great satisfaction to see you achieve your career goals, with a little professional help. At Prospect Resumes, we don’t just deal in the business of resumes.

Are you after a


Overwhelmed by the intense standard required of a government selection criteria response or suitability statement? Or ready to show off your expertise and reach a whole online world of prospective industry contacts on LinkedIn? Take control of your career prospects – get in touch to find out we can help you get there!
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